important zine I picked up the other day

This is so rad!

I used to go to shows all of the time alone; my camera was my crutch. When your friends are in bands, there’s a lot of alone time at shows, unfortunately.

fear of “show alone” is real but this is really cool.

I love this zine.

wow cool. going to shows alone was a big part of my life at 1 point (still do it sometimes) i wish i had this zine then ha ha. 

omg this is the best. sometimes i don’t mind going to shows alone and sometimes i feel super anxious about it. so glad this zine exists.


oh, hey.


oh, hey.

hbd 2 me

hbd 2 me

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i just want us to talk again2014


i just want us to talk again


hi everyone! I mentioned a while ago that I was planning on starting a once monthly internet zine called Bedroom and I have some more information about that i’d like spread around!!!

  • Bedroom is going to be a once monthly online zine featuring young writers talking about their lives and…

right now i’m making plans with an old friend and writing a letter and listening to hop along and drinking whiskey

everything is weird but i don’t hate myself for it

should i cut my hair short and dye it pastel pinkishpeachish or is this a terrible idea HELP